Hello World of the Wide Web!

Welcome to Rookie Party and welcome to my first post. Funny story, I actually designed this blog over a week ago and did pretty much everything except post in it. I was terrified. And honestly, I still am. I felt like my 16 year old self when I went to a brand new high school in the middle of my junior year, every day having the fear of being judged by other waaaaay more privileged 16 year old girls using their sidekicks, and driving their mom’s old Lexis. When I didn’t own a cell phone, and drove a shit box ’93 Mercury Tracer. Needless to say, I’m new at this whole blogging thing, and have no idea what I’m doing. So please, be nice, I’m learning and please don’t judge me for eating last night’s Chinese food in the lunch room.

I guess I should stop reminiscing about high school and actually talk about Rookie Party. Pretty much the gist is that I like planning. Like I LOVE it. Planning anything, from a presentation to back yard musical productions from when I was younger brings me more joy than eating pizza after a night of drinking (but not as much joy as Beyonce brings me). So like any 20 something year old, I had a mid-mid-life crisis and decided that my life was going nowhere, I didn’t know who I was, bought a cat, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and decided to put my OCD planning to work.

I like to party, and sometimes I may or may not be the only one that gets too drunk, and sometimes I throw a pretty badass 25th birthday party for myself. It’s always something, and it’s always different. The main thing to remember is yes, I’m new at this, and yes I’m broke. I try to make it affordable and most of all, doable. To relax, enjoy, and please feel free to interact.

Again, welcome, to Rookie Party!

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