To All the Ladies in the Place With Style & Grace

One behalf of today being International Women’s Day, I give you Galentine’s Day!


Thank you Leslie. Yes I threw my friends (not all single) and I a Galentine’s day party this year. When throwing a Galentine’s Day party you must remember these few things

  1. Chocolate
  2. Salty snacks
  3. Gold
  4. DIY
  5. Champagne
  6. Champagne

So I had 5 out of the 6 (missing the DIY project), but I blame a snow storm.



This party is very important. I decided to jazz up an ordinary Cooks Champagne bottle with gold spray paint. In addition, you can write a cool message to your lady friends such as:

  • Hoes before bros
  • Sisters before Misters

Add a twist to the Champagne! I mulled some strawberries & raspberries to give a little something more. Also i had this idea that since I put fruit in my Champagne, a)it was healthier and b)maybe I wont have such a bad headache the next morning?

Helpful tip:

To remove all of the labeling, soak the bottle in a large bowl of dish soap and warm water. Only soak up to the label, for about 15-20 minutes. The label should then be able to slowly peel right off!

Bring me FOOOOD!

heart cake

You always want to make sure that you have sweets. It Galentine’s Day for god sake! We had a great spread (not all in photos. Sorry!), cream puffs, 3 layer strawberry cake, raspberry chocolate devils food cakes, & chocolate fondue.

cake #rookiemistake : Women, and any human for that matter likes a nice balance of salt and sweets. I had way too many sweets and not enough snacky foods. Make sure that you have one main dessert. If you are having an evening party such as mine (7:00 start time), you may want to bring out some light appetizers, and then bring out the desserts. This way people aren’t just staring at all the food, something new to look at & eat!

Next Time!

A few other ideas to through into the mix? Try an at home photo booth! Make a temporary back drop (maybe some glitter garland hearts?), and cute props! Check out the Thinking Closet for some pretty cool ideas. Everyone loves a photo booth, and HELLO! You can upload them to Instagram!

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