A Wordy Post, For A Not So Wordy Future

I feel like everyone has that year, that year when all of your friends are getting married and “beginning” their lives. I think 2015 is turning into my grow the fuck up year, Emily. I JUST got my first wedding invitation, and that’s huge because I’m 25 and have never been to a wedding. Needless to say, I freaked when I got the Save the Date and RSVP’ed, when you’re not supposed to? That right there is what I don’t get, if you’re sending me a Save the Date, why don’t you just send me the invitation? Obviously I’m going to save the date if it’s on the invitation. Wedding etiquette, am I right??

So back to me, 2015, the BIG year. Even though I have no big plans for this year, it seems like a lot of people around me do. This past holiday season I found out one of my close friends is pregnant and due in July! It was so surreal because I realized that we are now at that age, the age of having families of our own!

This past weekend, two of my close girlfriends and I went to visit my pregnant friend Katie. It was the first time I saw her baby bump and it’s so weird to say but I felt so much joy & excitement! And then she showed us the ultra-sound photos, and I couldn’t believe it, little Sprout is growing into a little baby boy. It’s so strange how the whole visit, our conversations we used to have were about how drunk we got or who gave their number to who, turned into baby shower ideas and how to decorate the nursery.

Me and my friends (Molly & Kels, this is your shout out), wanted to give Sprout (name not chosen yet, but how cute is Sprout?) a little something from us. So we decided to make him onesies, and I feel like each one has a little bit of us with it.


We got a pack of 3 onesies from a craft store, and just painted some fun pictures and sayings on them. This is a common game at a lot of baby showers, and so easy and cheap to prepare for! Really all you need are:

  • Onesies
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint brushes

3 onesies

From left: Kelsey’s, mine, Molly’s

The onesies are very thin, so make sure you put some sort of cardboard cutout in-between the layers. Also, WASH BEFORE BABY WEAR!

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