Crap! Tomorrow is St. Patty’s!

If you’re anything like me, normally you blink and there is another important date, event, or anniversary laughing at you because you forgot about it. For that moment, they have created Rice Crispy treats! Super easy, super diverse, and the perfect life saver!


This past weekend I had some friends up to celebrate our annual college reunion. We have been getting together the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day since we graduated (3 years, yikes!). Each year we would venture to our college and stay in the same town, visit our bars, and talk about the good ole days. But, this year we wanted to switch it up so I decided to have everyone come visit me!

When Thursday came, I realized I had nothing to offer everyone, and NOTHING St. Patrick’s themed! So I turned to what I knew best, sweets! I thought why not rice crispy treats? Everyone loves them, and I’ll turn them GREEN, and dip them in CHOCOLATE! Because who likes just plain rice crispy treats??

mallows mixed mallowsflat mallows

This actually was my first time ever making rice crispy treats, and will not be my last! I used the original recipe, you can find here! To make them green, just add some food coloring into the marshmallow mixture.

hearts final #rookiemistake : The only food coloring I had was pastels coloring. If you use a plain green, they will be a lot darker. But not too much!


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