Never Trust Someone Who Doesn’t Like Pizza

I know I sound like every New Englander when I saw I D-O-N-E, with the snow. I’m sorry, I’m sick of hearing it too, but with this 50 degree weather tease we had last week, I N-E-E-D Spring. I have been actively filling my apartment with fresh flowers, opening the windows (even if I shiver), and going on walks. O.k. maybe I’ve been doing everything, except for the walks. But I think about the walks, and the walks in my head are refreshing.

One of the most important things I am excited for is the local Farmers Market. Walking over and holding conversations with the vendors makes it a little more personal than going to the grocery store. Also, it’s a great way to convince myself that I’m eating healthy and there for do not need to go to the gym. This year I decided that I need a new bag (shocker). Since I’m on this DIY kick, I thought why the hell not…
tulips I found the best way was acrylic paint. It’s easy to go on, and since its fabric it won’t come off after a wash.
reusable bags 1reusable bag 2 I love pizza, and want the world to know…
reusable bag 3

If free hand totally freaks you out, type up what you want your bag to say and then cut it out! You can then trace the letters or paint around them. The Crafted Life has some great ideas on how to create stylish totes using different fonts! Check it out!

#rookiemistake : tote bags can be hard to paint onto, and the paint may bleed. To keep the look together, I used paint markers to outline and for a pop. Also remember that the paint will go on a little dark. I wish I had another color, but hey it’s just to hold veggies right, and the occasional pizza emergency…

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