Spring here, Spring there, Spring Everywhere?

I feel like every season is my excuse to make a new list of goals for myself. Do I ever achieve them? No not really. But at least they are short term goals that I can achieve rather than the ones I have for the New Year like: lose 20lbs, save money, and find out what you want to do for the rest of your life! For a very, very, very, long time I have come up with my Summer List. A list full of adventurous things I want to do in that summer. This is something I would do in middle school! So it’s a long time tradition. This Spring I thought, why not. Why not start it now, make it a seasonal thing. This way I can keep myself busy and find some new hobby’s or interests. I know I am a little late, but here it is my Spring Goals. (Many of these may fall into my summer list)

1. Herb Garden
Last year I tried to create my own little herb garden. When I say try, I mean that I bought a mint & parsley plant and would water it once a week, and then would get mad when it dried up, AND then never threw it away…So, this Spring I would like to begin my own herb garden. I have always wanted to have a garden but living in apartments without a porch have made it very difficult. This year, I have done my research and I am going to do it! I will create my herb garden! I know that this is a Spring/Summer goal, but I did have to plant them in the Spring so it counts! Now just to remember to water them…

egg cartonkcups2. Workout/Be Active
I know, I know. Everyone always puts this on their list so I had to too. Last year my boyfriend got me a bike for our anniversary, and I swear to you, I am going to use it more than I did last year! I have just been staring at it this whole winter! I always tell myself I will go on a run and work on my 5k, but I feel like it just leads to me being lazy and getting angry at myself (why does my laziness always win!!???). So, I decided to be more active and see where that takes me. This winter has been so awful that I just want to make sure I am outside as much as possible: bike rides, hiking, trail running, kayaking, I want it ALL!

bike3. Farmers Market
So this is another Summer Goal. The Farmer’s Market doesn’t open until June, but I plan on going every Thursday. One of my good friends works and lives on a farm, and has shown me how important it is to buy local! BUY LOCAL! And I have a great NEW reusable bag to use!

4. Calligraphy Course
Since 2015 has started, I told myself that I need to keep learning in a creative environment. I have been looking for fun courses to take, such as calligraphy. I found this one day class Lettering by Liz in Boston, and I am so excited to partake! To be continued…


5. Baseball Games
Hellllloo! Spring means Baseball season has begun! Done & done!

6. Up My Martini Game
Since moving into our (not so) new apartment (October), I have been trying to stock our bar. My boyfriend doesn’t drink liquor so it’s really been up to me which can be hard because I just want to drink the booze when I it get! Slowly I have been collecting a variety of liquors, but I need to get better at making martinis. You know what they say, practice makes perfect (they said it, not me). Cheers! #lifegoal : Sandra Lee’s Cocktail Time

bar 2bar 1
7. Take More Pictures!
I need to take more pictures, with my camera not my phone. Doable

8. Finish a Book
I am the worst with reading. I have like three books that I have started and just haven’t finished, and they are GREAT books!

  1. Say Yes
  2. Girls on the Train
  3. Is Everybody Hanging Out With Me
  4. Lean In
    booksSee! First off, how basic am I? Reading all of the best-selling female lead books #womenpower, second, they ate like the best books but I just can’t finish them. This spring, I am going to finish ONE.

    9. Homemade Hot Sauce
    This is a goal that is more specific and easy to do! I found this recipe for homemade hot sauce, and I NEED to try it. I put hot sauce on everything, and if I can make it myself, WIN!

    10 Macaroons!
    I have been wanting to try to make my own macaroons for some time, and what better time?! To be continues…

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