Free Flea Finds.

Do you ever get that feeling that you really want to go thrifting? Normally when the first nice day of spring comes around. No? Just me? Ohhhh kay! Well, I do and I think it’s mainly because it’s finally nice out and all I can think about is that I need to change EVERYTHING in my apartment. That and also the fact that I constantly have the need to change everything in my life (if you could only see how much I change my hair color). This past weekend I stopped by my Grampy’s house and was able to look through some of his cool collections he has acquired through the years. It was honestly the next best thing to a flea market, and it was FREE!!

I was able to snap a few pictures. Also, stay tuned for future DIY posts!

cokegreen glass
juckboxmason jars

mugsmilk jug
mason jarssilver
Treasures all around! Sometimes you just have to dig


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