Rookie Party Does Bey

Everything I thought I once knew is coming to an end! How did I miss the Beyonce Brunch in Boston this past weekend! Check out this menu as I quietly cry in my seat…

“My Muffins….FLAWLESS” – Basket of fresh baked English muffins with Michelle William’s homemade peanut butter and Kelly Rowland’s famous strawberry-Grand Marnier jam 

The Mrs. Carter Scramble – Two eggs scrambled, a bootylicious cheddar biscuit, fruit salad, crazy in love sour cream potato cake
Blue Ivy French Toast – Baked cinnamon H-Town French toast, blue-Ivy-berry syrup, white chocolate mousse
Love on Top Flatbread – Avocado, fried eggs, naughty girl cotto ham, sliced tomato, arugula
Bey Day Pancakes- Sprinkles, vanilla glaze swagu, B.K. birthday candles

A sweet surprise (hint: surfboard)

· I Woke Up Like This
· On the Run
· The B-hive
· Imma Diva

Blue Ivy French toast! I can’t even. Well its official, Rookie Party is doing #BeyBrunch. Ya ready B?

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