Rookies Like Beer

So, sometimes I slack on blogging. But honestly, I feel like I have been hung over since this beer tasting. So I’m sorry for slacking, followers (hi mom!). The wait was worth it though! This Beer Tasting was so much fun! The sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and there was soooo much good beer.

utah 2

Everyone brought 2-3 24oz beers from different states. We had beer from NH, VT, NY, ME, UT, CA, & PA. I had everyone label their stations and list some cool things about their beer (style, taste, name), and then the tasting started!
beerwriting labelwrite

I made sure to have some munchies around, which were portable and individual (like). I also made sure there was popcorn, popcorn and beer is like peanut butter and jelly…lets be real.
food tablecorner tablenachosbacon

A party like this is great for a birthday party or even a house warming. It got people talking and mingling, but there was also a common bond, BEER! This was such a hit, I KNOW that I will do this again this fall!
beer table 2sheet
tasting 2bottles

tasting sheetsbeer table

#rookiemistake: maybe less beer next time & making sure my friends can read the directions on the invite 🙂


  1. Love that you added fresh flowers to the table! Snacks look so yummy- is that chocolate covered bacon I see?! Pretzel necklaces are such a good idea. Looks like the party was very engaging. Props to whoever brought Vodka to the beer party. Tell me more about the score card… did everyone discuss after? Take home score cards for future beer purchases? You outdid yourself, Rookie!


    1. Thank you!! it was a lot of fun, and yes that is chocolate covered bacon…
      We started the party with beer score cards so we could judge every beer on taste, color, mouthfeel and all that jazz. The score cards were great to begin with but by the 5th or 6th sample, we were more interested in drinking than judging 🙂


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