A Guest Blog: A Rookie Wardrobe

I like to pay attention to detail, every detail. If you know me this is no surprise. I will say that the one detail I forget time to time is what to wear…We all are there, am I right?? Now that it’s Spring, I not only want to entertain every weekend, but I also want to revamp my wardrobe. I will say that I’m not always on point with my outfits (but when I am, I am ON POINT), so I have recruited a new member for team #rookieparty! So here she is guest blogging, sassy Cassie…

Alright, Rookies, let’s talk clothes! Like the rest of you, I have been keeping up with Rookie Party and during my time scrolling through all the creative events listed, I immediately think: but what would I wear?!
blackAsk me what are wardrobe essentials and I’ll respond with one word: black. Although black goes with EVERYTHING, I’ve been told (by other friends who are living outside the cold state of Vermont) that spring has sprung and it’s time to wear some color. Now if you’re anything like me, you want a whole new wardrobe at the start of every season. If you know me, the last thing I need to buy is new clothes (sigh). My goal is to incorporate some new things while shopping on a budget because us rookies need to make rent next month.

How do you start to transition to spring attire for the upcoming bridal shower, Mother’s Day brunch, beer garden happy hour or dinner out with friends? Here are some key pieces you could focus on:

1. Start small: Accessorize 

Statement Necklace
Effortless way to add a pop of color to any basic outfit!

Francesca's: $22.98
Francesca’s: $22.98
Francesca's: $22.00
Francesca’s: $22.00

Earring Cuff
Edgy and inexpensive!

Forever 21: $5.90
Forever 21: $5.90
Forever 21: @7.90
Forever 21: $7.90

If you made a #rookiemistake and lost your VIP ticket to Coachella this year, you can still wear hats like this one to the next concert on the green.

H&M: $19.95
H&M: $19.95

2. Outdoors: Outerwear 

A light jacket with a hood is ideal for spring rain or shine

H&M: $49.95
H&M: $49.95

Extra cash?
If you have some extra cash this season and are looking for something worth splurging on, a basic tan trench coat will last you years without going out of style. I, like other Scandal TV show fans, find myself dreaming of wearing Olivia Pope’s coats. And by dreaming I mean trying to justify a $350 coat from a Scandal collection. Us rookies can thank god for designer steals on a trench at stores like TJ Maxx and Macy’s!

Macy's Ralph Lauren: $139.99
Macy’s Ralph Lauren: $139.99

#Rookietip: Layers
Pair a spring jacket with a maxi skirt or dress

Old Navy: $25.00
Old Navy: $25.00

3. Stepping into Spring: Floral Footwear 

Casual sneakers
If you’re not big on jewelry or girly accessories and want to incorporate lighter patterns this season then you should step into some floral shoes. I’ll admit, I was never a fan of sneakers until I started dating someone who has more sneakers than I do purses (let’s just put that into perspective!). I quickly became jealous of how comfortable his sneakers looked in the summer months. “Lo Pro” style Vans will keep you casual, ladies, and these are a great way to add some fun to a simple outfit.

Vans: $55.00
Vans: $55.00


Kohl's Lauren Conrad: $55.99
Kohl’s Lauren Conrad: $55.99


Don’t add clothes to your wardrobe without getting rid of some of first. It all ends up on the floor, right? Utilize your local businesses that purchase secondhand clothing and get some cash for your new spring purchases. You’ll feel less guilty.

Polish brand found at CVS Pharmacies
Polish brand found at CVS Pharmacies

During the spring months, stick to lighter pastels. Ok fine, you really can’t wait for those neons because you want to look tanner (PS that’s what instagram filters are for), go ahead and incorporate the highlighter shades in your nail color. I have a friend who has stock in Sinful Color’s “Big Daddy” shade (seriously, it was everyone’s birthday/housewarming gift) and I had her send me a photo to share.

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