Mule Around

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and that means backyard BBQs to kick off the summer of 2015! After the winter we had in New England, celebrating is much deserved!! Growing up, the only Memorial Day Celebrations I would go to were always by a pool with endless hot dogs and Cool-Aid. As I got older, I would try to throw a shin-dig but it never really was that successful. One year in college me and my roommates planned this whole BBQ, bought all this meat, assigned who would bring what, and then we realized we didn’t have a grill…thank god for George Foreman!!

This year I won’t be hosting, but that doesn’t mean I won’t bring a great cocktail to share. Have you tried a Moscow Mule?

I had my first when I went to Florida in February, and have not said no to them since! They are so refreshing, not too sweet, and served in a copper glass! They are now my go to summer 2015 drink.

moscow mule
I added mint to mine, but you don’t have to
moscow mule
Mash it!
moscow mule
I didn’t have a copper mug, but this did the trick

This drink is great for any summer party. It is super easy, and cheap! If you check out A Beautiful Mess, they have a bunch of different ways to mix up the classic Moscow Mule. I added mint to mine, what would you add?

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