Rookie Plans…


Summer is upon us and since we live in New England that means trying to fit as many activities/visits/vacations as we can in the three months of summer that we have. Every year I plan everything out. I always want to stay “active” (by active I mean sitting my butt on a beach, outdoor bar, or some other relaxing activity that will get me tan) which means I lose a lot of my weekends and then the summer goes by in a flash!

Shockingly this year I have finally learned from my over-booking mistakes. If you know me, I am a planner. A planner of everything: monthly, weekly, and daily to-do lists. It’s bad. I feel like my mind is running a marathon (at least one of us is) constantly, and if I don’t write things down, I’ll forget them. I need to write down to feed my cat…daily…So of course I had plan out how to properly plan my summer (yikes.)

A couple of useful tips that may help you extend your summer and STILL get tan J

  1. Planner? I don’t even know her!
    Get a planner!!! If you haven’t, I don’t know how you are living. Seriously though, how do you live because I am actually curious how you do this? A monthly planner is my favorite. I like to see the whole month, and what weekends I have obligations and what ones are free. I also don’t have many appointments that I put in during the week, I leave those for my work calendar #worklifebalance (!!!)planners

If you are more of the weekly person, get a weekly planner!

  1. Don’t look at the BIG picture
    They never taught you this one! It always helps to look at the summer as month to month. This way you don’t make too many plans for two months from now. No one knows what will be going on two months from now! I mean for those of you who live in New England, it could start snowing next week, am I right??

At the beginning of the month, look at your calendar. Think about some things or plans you would like to make and fill them in. No need for long term planning

  1. It should be a felony to refund vacations
    I know I just said not to plan in the future, but we all have those events that we have either bought tickets for already put down the payment on the beach house. These are BIG events, and these should be the only ones in the calendar, plan around them! We booked our vacation in March, and made sure I wrote it down once the papers were signed. Also, our favorite Brew Fest is coming up in July, already bought the tickets and wrote it down

#rookietip: if you’re a planner and need to plan the whole summer and can’t go month to month, use this tip! Go through and jot down all the big events (concerts, vacations, girls weekends). Once you did that, leave a few weekends empty, don’t make any plans for these. This way you have space for last minute plans without canceling, you may FINALLY have a weekend off from all the crazy summer fun!

  1. Summer Lists
    This is a tradition I have been doing since I was 12 years old. Every summer I would sit down, and write down around 15 things I wanted to do that summer. These included everything from finishing a book, to eating a whole Vermonster from Ben& Jerry’s. Over the years my goals slightly changed, but I still always come up with the Summer List (mine may or may not pop up later).

By creating a Summer List, you are coming up with ideas for yourself on those days when you just don’t know what to do. Try it out!

  1. Relax, please just do it
    It’s your summer, relax and enjoy yourself. The worst thing you could do is have something fun planned every weekend

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