Cronuts: 1 Emily: 0

cronuts 2

So, let’s talk about Cronuts. They are a mixture of croissants and doughnuts! THEY THINK OF IT ALL! Like seriously, who sits around and thinks about these things, and can a home girl get a job! I have never had a Cronut, but I would gladly volunteer to try one. With today being National Doughnut Day, I wanted to challenge myself and try to create these heavenly dessert/breakfast creations.

So I cheated. No, I’m not talking about my no-gym streak (STILL GOING STRONG!), I didn’t make these from scratch, and I actually used Pillsbury Croissant rolls. I’m sorry but I just didn’t have the time (eek!). I ended up folding the dough so it created the layers of the Cronut, and then (lightly) dropped them into (very) hot vegetable oil. Only let them sit for around 40 seconds on each side.



#rookiemistake: mine came out either super doughy or super crunchy. I let mine only sit for 30 seconds in the oil on each side so I had to put them back in. This was a bad idea because then they got WAY too crunchy and STILL doughy (the battle). Leaving them for 40 seconds should be good, but I will report back later!

The Glaze. When I was imagining these, I thought they were going to come out a light colored, fluffy, glazed master piece. They didn’t, and you can’t even tell I put glaze on some of them. In order to create a simple glaze, all you need is:

  • Confectionary Sugar
  • Water

Just use a little water and stir! Again, I used too much water and messed them all up. I tried to switch up some of the glaze and add maple syrup (great thought!), well I don’t know if it was just me but it tasted like cat litter (I think it was just me), I the trash they went!

finished cronuts

#rookierecap: my friends are now craving Boston Cream doughnuts, and I need to make these again.

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