As I get older, I realize that the week back to work after the Fourth of July is getting more and more difficult. the bite of reality is killing me when all I want to do is lounge on the beach. To put it into perspective, it’s Thursday and I still have not unpacked my suitcase from my week away last week. I’ll get to it one day, just like Ill get to reading that stack of must reads on my nightstand…

flag All of procrastination aside, I had a wonderful Fourth of July and I hope you all did too! It was full of everything the Fourth should be filled with; seafood, BBQs, the beach, fireworks, and baseball. After this past week, there are a bunch of things that I can now cross off my summer list as well (finishing a book? Check!). For me the Fourth in a way is a kick off to the summer and if that’s true, I can’t wait to see what else is in store!
lobstermussels seafood petey's seafood P.S. If you are ever in the NH Seacoast area, I highly recommend Petey’s Seafood Restaurant in Rye NH! Delish!

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