Brunchin’ So Hard

One of my all-time favorite quotes from one of my friends was “Have you heard of this thing Brunch? I guess it’s new!” Is it new or is it just the new crazy trend for us 20-somethings, like Kale and detox tea kits? I do remember Brunch (do I capitalize it?) being a thing before it was a thing, but it has now taken on a life of its own and I am loving it. Coming from a Champagne loving gal, any meal that is an excuse to drink at 10am is my kind of meal!

A few weekends ago one of my close friends visited from out of town and whens a better time to have Brunch?
spreadWe knew that we needed food, music, champagne, more food, and more champagne.

Side Dishes:
I have been using my mini donut pan non-stop so why wouldn’t I use it for Brunch? I made little mini donuts with a chocolate icing drizzled on top.

Champagne, duh! To switch up the traditional Mimosa, I added some raspberry sorbet to a glass of Rose. It gave the drink a refreshing summer twist on a hot summer afternoon.

#rookietip: not a fan of raspberry or Rose? Try lemon sorbet with champagne! So many options.

breakfast burritos

Main Dish:
I am a fan of hot everything! One of my goals within the next year (or two) is to travel to Texas and stuff my face with Texas style tacos. So obviously for brunch I had to throw some tacos in there (I may have an obsession with tacos).  I sauteed some Chorizo on the stove first. This was crucial because you want all of the juices to come out for more flavor within the eggs. I then added my egg mixture (green onions, ham, and eggs). Let that cook and then garnish with Chives. Yum!


I am the friend in our group that wakes up early and makes coffee before anyone else is even close to escaping out of the REM dream stage. So if your aren’t like me and sautéing Chorizo is the last thing you want to think of doing after a night of drinking, grab that bottle of Champagne (or Rose), get back in bed with your gals, and throw on your favorite Beyoncé Concert DVD. There’s nothing wrong with eating last night’s pizza emergency leftovers for Brunch.


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