A Week Is Never Long Enough

Today it rained and I felt one with the weather. I am mourning the return back to work and back to reality after a week away at the beach with perfect weather. I am pretty sure that I have gained over 5 lbs with all the beer and lobster I ate, but I mean, we all need to make sacrifices somehow. Now I have no excuse NOT to go to the gym (sigh).

Maine Summer Beachbeach Maine

I do feel that one of the big reasons our vacation was such a success was because of all of the pre-planning we were able to do. Not only did we plan our meals for each day, but we were able to organize what we could bring that we already have in order to prevent over spending. I know that I have a problem with making lists, but it really does help! It’s also so helpful to save these lists so at the end of your vacation you can add anything to the list that you wish you brought that you can bring next year! Here is what I went by:

  1. Meal list for week
  2. Make grocery list
  3. Come up with list on what to bring form home
  4. List of items to buy
  5. Pack clothes, plan for bad weather.
    Maine Beach 

All organizing aside, it was a great vacation filled with friends, food, and fun (my favorite 3 f’s). We stuffed our faces with seafood from Portland ME, to Saco. I truly ate like a queen.

On our only “rain day” (it turned into a beautiful day by 10am), we ventured to Portland and got to try the famous Holy Donut. These donuts are made out of potatoes which gives them a more flavor full bite. They are still fluffy but also don’t hit you like a pound of sugar to the face. Of course I got maple bacon.


To continue on our “rain day” adventure we then went to the Allagash Brewery (check!). I got some great beer swag (it wasn’t free), and tried some great beer. Other than breweries, donuts and lobster rolls, I spent all the time I could at the beach. I would like to say that I am as tan as Beyonce, but I just didn’t try hard enough, and I know for a fact Beyonce is disappointed in me. All in all, with the 5+lbs gained, and the “not as tan as Beyonce” tan going on, I had a blast and can’t want to go again.

What are some of your vacation traditions?

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