Weddings, Babies & Booze

I know, I am one of the worst bloggers! It has been a very long time since I blogged last. I couldn’t help it! The summer has taken full advantage of me, I feel used and abused and I love it… It’s crazy to think that August is done on Monday, CRAZZZZZY. Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas (insert side eye emoji)! Anyways, I will not be another one of those people saying summer is over when it is not.

seacoast, NH, Portsmouth, harbor, tugboat This summer has been filled with traditions and firsts. I think this was one of the first summers of many when I am beginning to realize that (unfortunately) I’m growing up, and when I’m on vacation I may or may not have gone to bed at 9:00pm most of the week, and would rather not get drunk. Not always a bad thing…

locks, Portland, MEWedding
 Two of the big firsts this summer was witnessing two big life milestones from a couple of my good friends. First, I finally attended my first wedding (I know). It was such a beautiful ceremony for two beautiful people. Do you have those friends that you have only known for a little but it feels like they have been around forever and you have no idea how you lived without knowing them? Well this wedding belong to those two people. Can I live?! When I hear #relationshipgoals, I only think of them.

Wedding, Barn, NHwedding




#rookiemistake: just because the bar is an “Open Bar”, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to run away and you need to drink fast, very fast…noted.

Another big first, one of my oldest and greatest friends had her baby!! Now do you understand why I had the “wow, I’m getting old summer”?. He is so precious and though this is the families first baby, if you met them you would have thought they have been doing this their whole lives. Naturals. Again, Congrats to the two new parents!!!


Apart from the firsts this summer, it also was filled with many more memories. Though everyone always feels that the summer is over when August ends, it is nice to reflex on what you have done 🙂

Portsmouth, NH

Maine BeachSparkle

#rookieparty: the wedding was designed and planned by Nicole Mower Weddings. Another first this summer, I have been interning with her to help coordinate weddings. She is an amazing and talented wedding planner. If you, or someone you know is getting married, check out her website!

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