Gloomy Day DIY

I feel like it has been non-stop since summer started. I’m not complaining, but my apartment may be. It. Is. A. Mess. There are so many projects I have just pushed to the side, I mean who wouldn’t pick the beach on a perfect sunny day over rearranging your living room? That’s what I thought. So, it’s gloomy, and the air is getting crisp, so what better time to get some of these things done? I am coming up one year one at this new apartment and I want to really begin to check off some of those home improvements ideas I have been wanting to do. First off, blackboard when you enter into our apartment. I got this huge mirror from my mom’s house and loved the shape and frame and instantly thought of making into a blackboard.


After sanding the frame, I then painted it a neutral color. Soon after, I painted the mirror with chalkboard paint. I made sure to put on a few layers of paint, just in case it would chip.


DIY Home

#rookietip: put whatever you want on the sign. Its great to have in the entry way especially for a great welcome message for parties, holidays, or even just a great place to store your wireless name & password.


    1. Hi Hannah! Thank you so much for reading! It was so simple! Another great and cheap idea is using those $1 silver trays from the Dollar store. That way you have that cool silver frame and you paint the base. I feel like chalkboards always add a little something to a room:)


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