Costumes, Candy, Couture

Yes, it’s October! I love summer, but I love October more. I think I may love October more than December. Who doesn’t like a month when the candy is half off and scary movies play non-stop, 31 days of scary movies is waaaay better than 25 days of movies that have a happy ending. I am proud to say that I have grown to L-O-V-E Halloween and have put the days of running away form the “mask aisle” in the supermarket behind me. Each year deciding on what to be is a project that I do not take lightly. Traditionally I pick my Halloween costume a year in advance. I normally think of my next Halloween costume either the day of Halloween or the day after. What can I say, it’s tradition.

orange crayon

When I was younger, my mom didn’t let us go to the Halloween store to purchase our Halloween costume, she would make them from scratch. I used to hate this because all of my friends would have the popular store bought costume while I had a homemade one. As I started to get older, I realized that if you have a homemade costume you can be anything (Miss America, or Dracula 2 times in a row). Halloween is made for people to create their own costume, not to buy it.

witch and flower

So this month, I am going to dig deep and highlight some of the most memorable Halloween costumes over the years. Who doesn’t love a great throwback?!


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