#WayBackWednesday: Halloween

We are now just over two weeks away from Halloween, and it’s all I have been thinking about. I am reminded of the holiday every day at work with the large pot of candy sitting by my desk, the Scream Fest movie marathon that started (yesterday), and the decorations. The decorations are everywhere, and I can’t get enough of it. To continue on with trend, and my bragging rights, here are some more throwbacks from past Halloween years. They are some of my best, and I’m too cute not to share.

1994: Princess


I always used to be the opposite from whatever my older sister wanted to be for Halloween. Witch/Vampire vs. Princess/Fairy. Again all homemade

1996: Miss America
miss america

Again, the opposite costume. My mom didn’t make this dress, it’s actually a Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume that we found. She then made the sash, got a bouquet of fake flowers, gloves, and gave me a crown. That moment will be the closets I will even get to being a pageant. I was doing the “Queen Wave” all day. On another note, this was the day I realized I had flat feet and heels weren’t for me.

1997: 50’s Girls
50s girl

I have a feeling this is when Grease was re-released into the theaters. I tend to still pick costume based on movies or big media scandals of that year. Creative, I know…

2000: Prom Queen Gone Wrong

beat up prom queen

I am just going to keep this one titled Prom Queen Gone Wrong, because I really don’t know what I was thinking. We were able to find the perfect 80s themed prom dress at a local thrift shop and with a broken, crown, fake blood, and a ripped dress we had a weird, questionable costume. Also, let talk about the kid dressed as Bill Clinton!

#rookietip: I know that you have all been enjoying the throw backs, but next week I am going to highlight some of the costumes I have designed myself. Just in time for Halloween!

What are you being??

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