Last Minute Rule Breaker

Tomorrow is Halloween! Yes, the day has come and I am now able to show you (a preview) of what I am going to be! I know that everyone is not like myself, and does not know what they would like to be a year in advance. This costume I actually came up with on Monday. So in the spirit, I came up with this last minute idea. It was super easy, quick, and cheap. Heres my process.


For my costume, I had to make a dress. I decided to use Tulle because its cheap and easy to work with.
I bought 8 pieces of tulle ranging from 1-2 1/2 yards. Really what ever you prefer, and whatever works best with your height. Also, to switch things up, I bought 4 pieces in green, and 4 in black.


Next I took two long pieces of tulle and tied them each at the shoulders, having them drape in the front and back. I then continued to add tulle to each side, switching up the color. When all the pieces were added, I tied them all together on each shoulder.

Halloween I then took a gold elastic ribbon I had and tied the middle. This tied it all together. In order to keep the dress from drooping, I took a needle and thread to the the chest area, back,and sides. You never can be too sure!

edit 5 Since the tulle is very light, I wearing dark pants and a dark shirt under. Stay tuned to my instagram to catch the finished product!

What are you being?


  1. Your costume looks so creative!
    Good color combinationHappy halloween
    Hi 🙂
    Please check out my blog & facebook page if you want 🙂 You can also join me on bloglovin.Thank you so much.It means a lot. And you have a really nice blog 🙂 Best wishes
    Happy blogging


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