OktoBEER Fest

It’s about 6 hours until my first guests will arrive. My partner and I are getting on each other’s nerves because our “to-do” list has become a little daunting. I begin to run down the list while I’m cutting jalapenos for the Jalapeno Cheddar Spinach dip. The knife slips and I slice a deep cut in my finger. Great… now I have to quickly wrap up my wound and continue all my pre-party chores with one working hand.

Two hours later, during another brief argument with my partner over ideal crock-pot cooking temperatures, I forget that I just diced a very hot jalapeno for the chili. I unconsciously rub my eye to relieve an itch and- BAM- it instantaneously becomes inflamed. A jalapeno juice/residue/whatever the hell comes off of a jalapeno is stuck in my left eye. Five minutes later, I find myself sitting on the toilet seat looking at my crudely wrapped bloody finger through my one good eye, as I hold a rag saturated with 2% milk on my other.

Oktobeerfest is not starting well.

oktobeer fest

I collect myself once my food is set and I’m decorating the apartment. An hour prior to anyone’s arrival, I’m done. Everything is set and I’m ready for my second Rookie Party Beer tasting event. We had a great time! Here’s the details

signs 2

I offered my guests a small menu of appetizers that included a fair mix of fall favorites and go to beer foods.


The main event was the chili, which I borrowed a family recipe. I wanted the food to be interactive, so I provided a “chili bar”, and gave the guests the ability to design their own. Next I made Cider Donuts. These were the biggest hit! I think a bigger hit than the beer itself! I found this simple recipe for donut minis. You MUST try it before the fall is over.

After my life changing jalapeno incident, I still decided to finish the Jalapeno Cheddar Spinach dip. I found this recipe from Domestikated Life, and it is the perfect mix of spicy and cheesy. Does it get better than that?

food bad

food 2

For this party, I asked my guests to bring 2 24oz bottles of specialty craft beer to share and sample with the other quests. I had about 10 people attending so this amount of beer and people proportion worked very well for the event. All said and done, every guest had the option of drinking at least 48 oz of good craft beer if they wanted. I added a competitive nature to this party by providing a prize for the beer that received the most tickets. Each guest was given 3 tickets and advised to put the tickets in their favorite. Beer, food and competition!

beer badbeer 1 jpg



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