Long Story Short, I Was Eating a Cookie

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Rookie Party has officially turned 1 and it is crazy to believe that a full blogging year has gone by! It has been a party/DIY filled year where I learned everything from what SEO means to being able to choose the right Instagram filter. One of the biggest adventures was creating this environment that has morphed into something that went beyond what I originally imagined (I have a logo?!!). In honor of Rookie Party turning 1, I wanted to share the journey that is my web child; Rookie Party. It’s not always Instagram likes, and themed brunches. Sometimes there are broken glasses (and dreams), and trips to ER after trying to mimic the Real Girls Kitchen butternut squash recipe. So sit back, and get ready to read a more than wordy Rookie Party post. I promise you’ll laugh…just kidding

  1.  “What do you blog about? Celebrities?”

So, when I tell people that I blog I get a lot of weird looks and people actually laugh at me! Cruel, right? Yes, I wish I was blogging about celebrities and what they do every day like Perez Hilton, but unfortunately no one wants me to continually talk about Beyoncé and the latest episode of the Kardashians and the closest Manchester, NH has seen was one of the 56 political candidates this last January. However, if I was a celeb blogger I would be posting a lot more frequently. Not always the case for Rookie Party…

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I really enjoy parties, who doesn’t? I kind of seen Rookie Party the post-grad version of my college self, acting like I know what is going on and that I have my sh*$t together, but really I still don’t even understand a W2 form. On that note, I always try to find something to celebrate (promotions, holidays, Wednesday) so it gives me an excuse to make food, drinks, and decorate. Not many people can say that having all the people that you care about in one area that brings them lots of stress, and happiness all at the same time, and I love it. My friends would ask me for advice on party ideas, or what menu items they should have for their Christmas party, so I figured I could create a world where that was it. I could have all of my little projects in one place rather than all the post-it notes that I had lying around.

  1. “Why a blog? Is that like a Live Journal?”

No. Actually, I don’t know. I never “live journal’ed”, do people still do that? I mean, it might be like live journal, you can be the judge of that. Rookie Party is less emo…sometimes and more “I know we are all young and broke, but let’s find ways to make really cool things”. I started this blog because I wanted to. I needed something to focus on other than my everyday job, and I really enjoyed throwing parties, crafting, and taking pictures. Before I started Rookie Party, I would always go on Pinterest to find ideas (for anything) which would then lead me to a blog. It looked fun, I had time, and it gave me an excuse to a) Pinterest more b) craft more and c) party. Three things a 25 year old me couldn’t live without.

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When I first started to blog I researched everything; how to write, what to write about, color schemes, how to look cool when you really aren’t that cool, really everything. I would stress so much on what content to put on Rookie Party to make sure that it went along with what Rookie Party was. Now as I continue to blog, I realized that it’s OK. It’s OK to go off and blog about what I want. Rookie Party is more than party planning, it’s about celebrating life’s party. I always need to come back to why I started, it’s a “creative outlet”, aka a place for me to virtually talk about things that people may read.


  1. “Rookie Party, such a great name!”


I actually hear this, and it’s not me being cocky. 40% true and 60% cocky. Once I realized I wanted to create a blog, I then began to research exactly what my blog would be about. I wanted to write about everything, but the internet was telling me NO! No one needed to read about my cat, or how all I want to do today is eat pizza. So, for weeks I would come home from work, pour myself a glass of wine, and just search different blogs. I wanted to know how they began, what they wrote about and how they were able to branch out. Through some self-reflection (and an empty bottle) I told myself I was going to do party planning and cheap DIY decorations/projects. First step done!

Next, came the name. This literally was one of the most stressful and time consuming projects of 2015. This was harder than the 2015 hair debate I had with myself on bangs or no bangs. Stress. I was completely lost and to top it off, Emily does not rhyme with anything fun (or anything for that matter) so having my name in the title was right out the window, which killllled my inner (and outer) self-centered Diva. For weeks I would write down anything I could think of, different words, the same words, and sounds, anything that may find its way into a name. Long story short, I was eating a cookie and was dreading how I had a cookie party at work that day, and then… ( I think I just found the tag line for my next murder mystery book)


4. #rookieparty

Once I knew what I was going to blog about and had my name, it was the look. This was my favorite part because I got to play with different layouts, colors, and all that jazz. What I really like about blogs and bloggers, is that it’s ok to change your look. When I first bought my domain and picked that color for my background, I thought I was done. I’m not sure if any of you saw it but I was hideous with a grapefruit background and a cheap white title. I actually hated everything about my blog after the first month. So, I logged back in, dedicated a good 12 hours to re-doing it, and came up with a whole new look. I know that in another year, that may happen again, but whatever.  After I picked my first layout/theme, I finally posted. Mind you, this post was like two months after I originally decided to create a blog. Baby steps. Soon after the blog post, I began to change my social media. Something that I thought I was comfortable with, but quickly realized I knew nothing. Social media is such a crucial aspect to any online presence (obvi), so I wanted everything to be cohesive. This is something that I still constantly work on.

There is so much that goes into a blog, but if you are willing to dedicate the time, it never seems like work. The other day I came home from an 8 hour work day, and worked on my blog into the night for another five hours. Yes, working on your blog is work, but it never seems like it because it’s something that you love.

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  1. I am so proud of all of your hard work with this! You have come so far and I have gotten to go to some killer events :). Cheers to year one down with many more to come!!!!!


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