Where you been, girl?

Hello World!

It has been some time since I last posted (May 2016 to be exact), it’s crazy-well to be honest, it’s lazy. Since last May, I have been working hard on making some changes to Rookie Party and found new areas of inspiration.

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Rookie Party started as a place for me to share some of my creations and help others see the party in their everyday duties. BUT I quickly realized that I wanted to do more than share my ideas, I wanted to give the products I made to others, and teach people how they to could make these projects themselves…the struggle. Not to mention, these projects were burning a hole in my pocket and expanding my waistline…

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Though it is still a place to share DIY projects, fun recipes, and party ideas, I have now expanded Rookie Party to focus on customized lettering and design, along with local DIY & Wine Nights. This is an exciting and scary direction, but I am very pleased with where it has taken Rookie Party so far.

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With the customized lettering and design, I am able to create great pieces of art to share with others for all of their special occasions (or everyday use) with a Rookie Party flair, and with the DIY & Wine Nights, I am able to bring Pintrest to life for individuals that may not have the time or supplies, with wine of course. Everything is always more fun with wine. Period.

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I am also pleased to announce that you can now buy your very own Rookie Party goods on our Etsy page!

This is a time for adjustment, put I am very hopeful for 2017, and where it will lead Rookie Party.

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If you have any questions about customized orders, or just want to chat, please feel free to email me at rookiepartyblog@gmail.com

Follow Rookie Party on instagram for all the behind the scenes fun, and upcoming projects: @rookiepartyblog

Are you local to Manchester NH? Like us on Facebook for updates and news on local DIY & Wine Nights! @Rookie Party

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