Big Things! HUGE!

Hello again world! I would like to address the elephant in the room, yes, I have been extremely inactive on this blog and even Instagram for some time now. The only excuse I have is that I have been super lazy. After working lonnnnnng 50-hour weeks (coordinating weddings isn’t easy!), staring at any screen was not how I wanted to spend my time- instead I slept and caught up on Riverdale…

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Now that I have more time on my hands (wedding season has ended!), I do promise to be more active on here and on Instagram. During my little hiatus, I have found a lot of inspiration for Rookie Party and I am ready more than ever to JUMP right back in!

With all that being said, I wanted to make a HUGE announcement- I’M ENGAGED! ROOKIE PARTY IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!


This past weekend, me and my fiancé went on a little Upstate Maine getaway. It was our way of spending some time with each other after a long wedding season. On our walk home on Saturday night from a fantastic dinner at 40 Paper (shout out!) in Camden Maine, he turned to me, and got down on one knee. I was in shock and tried walking away, but he wasn’t having it. I blacked out for most of the proposal, but I do remember hearing” be my wife”, and saw a small red box and something shiny. I replied with “of course!” Duh! We were both shaking, honestly, I’m surprised I didn’t throw up.


I am so excited to begin this process, not only to plan a kick ass wedding of all of my friend’s dreams (lets be real- there is some low-key pressure here), but I am so so-so-sooooooo EXCITED to begin my life with my soul mate, my lobster, and the guy who has been the President of my Fan Club since the day we met at an old dusty Student Center Desk at Keene State College.

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So, get ready for all the planning deets. What’s the structure? No idea, I’m still trying to get used to having a piece of jewelry on my hand that was more than $.25 from the candy machine.




rookie party xo

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