Where you been, girl?

Hello World! It has been some time since I last posted (May 2016 to be exact), it’s crazy-well to be honest, it’s lazy. Since last May, I have been working hard on making some changes to Rookie Party and found new areas of inspiration. Rookie Party started as a place for me to share some … Continue reading Where you been, girl?

Long Story Short, I Was Eating a Cookie

Rookie Party has officially turned 1 and it is crazy to believe that a full blogging year has gone by! It has been a party/DIY filled year where I learned everything from what SEO means to being able to choose the right Instagram filter. One of the biggest adventures was creating this environment that has … Continue reading Long Story Short, I Was Eating a Cookie

#WayBackWednesday: Halloween

We are now just over two weeks away from Halloween, and it’s all I have been thinking about. I am reminded of the holiday every day at work with the large pot of candy sitting by my desk, the Scream Fest movie marathon that started (yesterday), and the decorations. The decorations are everywhere, and I … Continue reading #WayBackWednesday: Halloween

Costumes, Candy, Couture

Yes, it’s October! I love summer, but I love October more. I think I may love October more than December. Who doesn't like a month when the candy is half off and scary movies play non-stop, 31 days of scary movies is waaaay better than 25 days of movies that have a happy ending. I … Continue reading Costumes, Candy, Couture

Weddings, Babies & Booze

I know, I am one of the worst bloggers! It has been a very long time since I blogged last. I couldn’t help it! The summer has taken full advantage of me, I feel used and abused and I love it… It’s crazy to think that August is done on Monday, CRAZZZZZY. Before we know … Continue reading Weddings, Babies & Booze

A Week Is Never Long Enough

Today it rained and I felt one with the weather. I am mourning the return back to work and back to reality after a week away at the beach with perfect weather. I am pretty sure that I have gained over 5 lbs with all the beer and lobster I ate, but I mean, we … Continue reading A Week Is Never Long Enough

Taco Tuesday Strikes Again!

As you may have seen from my many Instagrams this week, yes I am on vacation and yes, I am completely guilty of insta-bragging this whole week. I am trying to stay as unplugged as possible on this trip, but since yesterday was Tuesday and here in Maine we celebrated Taco Tuesday, I thought I … Continue reading Taco Tuesday Strikes Again!

Vacation Planning? Check 

Every year we take two week long vacations, one in July and one in August. July is our stay-cation where we drive to the beach every day, but August...our August vacation is what dreams are made of. Seafood filled, salt water dreams. We rent A house for the week and live the life I hope … Continue reading Vacation Planning? Check 


As I get older, I realize that the week back to work after the Fourth of July is getting more and more difficult. the bite of reality is killing me when all I want to do is lounge on the beach. To put it into perspective, it’s Thursday and I still have not unpacked my … Continue reading Lobster-Beach-Fireworks!

Rookie Plans…

Summer is upon us and since we live in New England that means trying to fit as many activities/visits/vacations as we can in the three months of summer that we have. Every year I plan everything out. I always want to stay “active” (by active I mean sitting my butt on a beach, outdoor bar, … Continue reading Rookie Plans…